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Who Says it's all about the dress? What about the shoes!!!


No doubt the dress says volumes about you but what about your shoes? Whether you love Donna Karan, Kitty Cooper, Alexander McQueen or Wal-Mart brand there’s a shoe just for you. Times have changed… color is BIG when it comes to wedding shoes. I’m sure most women will agree that your shoes reflect your personality. What better day than your wedding day to let your style shine through. Regardless of your budget, there’s a shoe out there for you. Personally, I like to try shoes on and walk around for a few minutes, while I have friends who are perfectly fine with shopping on line. carries a great selection of shoes that might fit what you’re looking for in a wedding shoe such as the Kitty Coopers shown below.

BE BRAVE… GO FOR THE COLOR. Shoes say a lot about who you are. Think about it… how often do you see a pair of bright red stilettos on a conservative woman other than special occasions? What about your friends…the ones who wear bright colorful shoes. Don’t those shoes reflect a fun personality? Sure we all wear “other” types of shoes for functional reasons…like right now…I’m sitting in a pair of slippers writing this blog. I also don’t like to walk my dog in 6” heels. Nonetheless, even my choice of slippers can tell you a lot about me.

Don’t you just love red shoes! I could list a million reasons why every woman should own a pair of red high heels. Put a great pair of red heels against a white wedding dress and some people will actually be shocked. If those shoes are you, then go for it!

It’s amazing how many men have an opinion about women’s shoes. I have on a pair of black high heeled shoes with a small buckle. They’re not as ugly as they sound…at least I didn’t think so until a male friend of mine referred to them as “Pilgrim Shoes”. UGH! Hey! I liked those shoes. Now I very seldom wear them. The point is that even though you may have on a beautiful long wedding dress, your feet still peek through and wearing a great pair of shoes on your wedding day is essential because the people that you least expect to be checking out your feet…will.

As much as I love shoes (and I really do), for me, comfort is important. I’m not so naïve as to think that I could walk around in a pair of stilettos all day (never mind dance in them) and think that my feet won’t be crying the next day. Keep in mind when selecting a pair of shoes that more expensive shoes are made of quality material so they can be softer to and therefore making it easier for you to walk in. When it comes to your wedding day, you may want to have another pair of shoes to change into later on like a pretty pair of satin flats as shown by the Shoe Princess on Etsy. Whatever you choose to do, let your style be known!

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